Life-hack videos by Hindisiksha

Life-hack videos by Hindisiksha

Here are the videos which are useful life hacks. The videos are created by HindiSiksha which has hundreds of useful videos in Hindi. Please watch the videos and help yourself with this life hacks. I hope you enjoy the video and give comments for improvement. Zero to Hero of programming in Hindi How to improve […]

Startup Videos by HindiSiksha

Startup Videos by HindiSiksha

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Here are the youtube videos created for startup enterpreneurs by Hindi Siksha Finding Developers to work for your startup   Some Well Known Sources Of Funding In India       Tools commonly helpful for startups     Where to get funding for your startup:   How To Sell Software Youtube Link:   Incubator Vs. […]

An app that will suggest alternative medicines based on the symptoms you have

As prices keep rising, the fees that doctors charge for their services keep rising as well. Affording some time with a doctor for every little allergy or ailment that comes up isn’t really a luxury that everyone can afford. Additionally, it is also not possible to book appointments with a doctor at short notice, since […]

Knowledge Discovery for Doctors

Knowledge Discovery for Doctors

With rapid advancements in technology, medical research and development has also been making large strides. Take, for example, an oncologist studying breast cancer in a patient. Seven years ago, while maybe she was a student or an understudy, there would only have been maybe two or three treatment options. Now there are literally dozens of […]

Detecting fake images with Machine Learning

With technology accessible at really cheap prices to everyone, it has become easy to edit and tamper with pictures. In this technological era a huge number of people have become victims of image forgery. People these days use technology to manipulate images and use it as evidences to mislead the court. Some are even paid […]

Voter profiling using Public Data Records

Every day thousands of people open their own social network profiles, where they upload information about themselves. This data can be collected and harvested in order to meet the needs of various people and organizations, and to provide them with information and intelligence they might need. The startup idea is to create a profiling site […]

Health/Nutrition record app using speech recognition

Voice assistants or virtual assistants are the new sensation which has revolutionized trade, especially in the service sector. One of the greatest advantages of enabling voice assistants is their ability to provide personalization. These are highly intelligent software designed to adapt to your personal needs and preferences. This is why they are so widely used […]

Ordering online on phone with speech recognition

Voice recognition is the new thing that has taken the world by storm. Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri are some the widest known and excellent examples of use of voice recognition software. You can do anything with it, from unlocking your phone to making it set your dentist or hair spa appointments. Gone […]

Providing government related documents and announcements like jobs/public-welfare-announcements/gazzettes/bills-passed

The Indian government is constantly working for the welfare of the country. India itself is a welfare nation; therefore there are always different bills introduced and laws passed to help different sections of the society. It is, however, not always possible for people to keep track of the bills introduced and Acts and laws that […]

Startup idea: Hiring for household services

Life in the urban areas can be quite fast paced and tiring, and as a result a lot of people these days find themselves running out of time and energy to run errands required around the house, such as plumbing, or repairing some malfunctioning electrical units. They require help from professionals for this, and the […]