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Life-hack videos by Hindisiksha

Life-hack videos by Hindisiksha

Here are the videos which are useful life hacks. The videos are created by HindiSiksha which has hundreds of useful videos in Hindi. Please watch the videos and help yourself with this life hacks. I hope you enjoy the video and give comments for improvement. Zero to Hero of programming in Hindi How to improve […]

Startup Videos by HindiSiksha

Startup Videos by HindiSiksha

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Here are the youtube videos created for startup enterpreneurs by Hindi Siksha Finding Developers to work for your startup   Some Well Known Sources Of Funding In India       Tools commonly helpful for startups     Where to get funding for your startup:   How To Sell Software Youtube Link:   Incubator Vs. […]

Indian e-commerce market is dominated by international players:

Since the adoption of globalization policies in India and opening up its economies to Foreign Direct Investment, a lot of big players in the international market have been eyeing India’s economy as a potentially booming market for them. The advent of internet in the early 2000s provided further impetus to these companies, as the penetration […]

Startup Idea: How to open a school in India

Any startup business requires a lot of planning and thinking. We always calculate the risk and the benefit before starting any business. And it is always good to anticipate the benefit and loss prior to taking any huge risk. So, it is better to start with a small startup idea which would not cause a […]

Fast food companies should label their food information chart.

  Although some people may argue that Fast-food companies do not need to attach any label, containing the calorie and other information about the food, to their food, I think that it would be better if Fast-food companies label their food information on their food because many people eat Fast-food without knowing what they are […]

The impact of social media on our relationship

Many people use social media to communicate with friends and family, which is really convenient if someone’s friends and family live miles apart. Social media help us make our relationships stronger with friends, families, professors and co-workers. But sometimes people overuse social media which causes a lot of problems in their relationships. However, social media […]

इंजीनियरिंग नहीं करते तो शायद ऑटो चला लेते अब रिक्शा चलाना पड़ रहा है

  इंजीनियरिंग कॉलेज (Engineering Colleges)  पिछले कुछ वर्षों में भारत में जंगली मशरूम की तरह बढ़ रहे हैं। उनकी संख्या 2006-07 में एक बहुत कम 1,511 महाविद्यालयों से बढ़कर 2014-15 में 3,345 हो गई है। केवल आंध्र प्रदेश राज्य में 700 से ज्यादा कॉलेज हैं| आपूर्ति अभी तक मांग से अधिक है उन्हें नौकरी नहीं […]