Author: Ravi K

I am an engineering graduate student with a motive to develop myself in various fields through the expression of language and technology in widespread fields. Hence, I took up writing as this gives me the freedom to learn more. Writing is my passion now and if I can use my passion to be part of the growth of a company, then it will be a pleasure for me.

Health/Nutrition record app using speech recognition

Voice assistants or virtual assistants are the new sensation which has revolutionized trade, especially in the service sector. One of the greatest advantages of enabling voice assistants is their ability to provide personalization. These are highly intelligent software designed to adapt to your personal needs and preferences. This is why

government documents

Providing government related documents and announcements like jobs/public-welfare-announcements/gazzettes/bills-passed

The Indian government is constantly working for the welfare of the country. India itself is a welfare nation; therefore there are always different bills introduced and laws passed to help different sections of the society. It is, however, not always possible for people to keep track of the bills introduced