Are you prepared for the next decade? A view on online education.

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Are you aware of the ongoing trend of online education via youtube? Many students get high quality educational videos on youtube. They are able to work on their own projects just by watching the videos and following instructions.

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A different perspective on medium of education

Hindi speaking students are in crores, but most of the time it is difficult for them to get high quality education because most are in English. It is no hidden fact that people learn best in their mother tongue. Many youtube video creators have realized the fact and started making online videos in regional languages. HindiSiksha is one of them. It creates high quality videos related to computer science. Its goal is to enable easy learning for individuals and empower them to work on their own ideas. That way students can bootstrap their own projects and startups.



Next generation educational content in your mother tongue

HindiSiksha created python videos first because python is easy to learn, even for non-computer science students. Even a high school kid can pick up python in a few weeks. Computing technology has come a long way and so has the programming language and tools. Computer science is more of a matter of common sense with critical thinking, and does not rely on advanced degree in most cases. In developed countries, computer science is taught to students of class 3-4. Every school in the United States has such a program. USA is raising a large number of programmers. In the next decade they will have so many programmers that they are not going to need outsourced software engineers. Automation and advancement in software technology will also play a major role.



In order to compete with the developed countries we need to educate our young generation at an early age. And teaching them in English, which most of us do not learn at young age, will be futile. Programming is the art of expressing ideas into an application. There is no need to learn English to learn programming. By analysing this trend, “Computer Science Hindi” has also started another video channel to teach very basic computer science for people who have no prior exposure to computers . To make it fun for youngsters, there is another playlist for creating useful graphical user interfaces


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So are you prepared for the next decade?

It is time we already acted on this matter for the future of our country. In the next decade automation is going to kill a large number of jobs and this is unavoidable. What we need is to empower our future generation as soon as possible. We need millions of programmers of high quality and this can only happen when they are not stuck by the nuances of English language or barriers of a college degree. We need to teach them computer science in a focused way and we need to aware the masses of the reality that is ahead of us.

Are you ready to join?

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Happy programming!