Voter profiling using Public Data Records

Every day thousands of people open their own social network profiles, where they upload information about themselves. This data can be collected and harvested in order to meet the needs of various people and organizations, and to provide them with information and intelligence they might need.

The startup idea is to create a profiling site which collects data from public data records and provides up to date information to whoever might be in need for it.

Here are some characteristics that you could add to your site:

  • Your site would pull information about various people from their public accounts across all social media: Instagram, Facebook, twitter, etc. And create one profile for each person to store all information.
  • You can update this information on a monthly or annual basis, as required, so that you provide the most updated and recent information.
  • You can have options for people to create accounts with you, so that they can run alerts whenever they require new information, and as frequently as they want.
  • This would be a good way to find consolidated information from all public sources about one or more persons.
  • Additionally, you can put this information in categories to make it easier for your clients to find what they need.
  • You can have an option for people to integrate their social media accounts with your site so that any new information they enter gets added automatically on their profiles on your site.
  • You can use your data to find behavior patterns and what the public general public favors and what it doesn’t.
  • This kind of information is very popular among big corporates trying to get to know their client base better, and among politicians who want to get to know their voters well in order to appeal to their interests and preferences so as to win more votes.
  • In the age of digitized public records where people update their contact information and details about themselves daily, this kind of an endeavor would not only be possible to maintain, it would also be extremely profitable.
  • The ability to scrape data from across multiple social media platforms, capturing user behavior patterns and comments are unprecedented.  It has spawned a huge demand for top-notch data scientists, who are figuring out how to harvest and analyze vast quantities of data, creating algorithms that cull and respond, and building predictive models. 
  • You can hire seasoned data analysts and data scientists who will help you design and model your information based on the needs and requirements of your clients.
  • Your site will be an attraction for major politicians and political parties who want to influence voter psychology by knowing their preferences and what their voters like.
  • There are also other target clients that you could benefit, for example, shopping sites which need data for showing recommendations to customers.
  • You can design various algorithms to run for your clients based on what they want data about.
  • You can provide personalized plans and packages to your plans or even hire experts to design algorithms that are specifically suited to the needs of your clients.
  • You can also target various sources to get as much information as you can, such as courts, lobbying records, business filings, campaign finance data, etc.
  • You can also tap into government records that have been made public, from which you can pull information and store it in a systematic manner and thus help your clients leverage it to make critical decisions in whatever their needs might be.
  • Your major source of revenue would be politicians and political parties, since they need this kind of information to design their slogans for voting campaigns. You would be helping them by providing them with accurate information so that they can make the right decisions. Large and medium business brands whose advertising campaign relies on targeting public preferences will also be asking you for help. As more and more of your information benefits them, you will start attracting more clientele.

  • Currently there are no such sites present exclusively in the country, so you can be assured that your venture would not only benefit a lot of people, it will also be quiet profitable, since you don’t have much competition to compete with. Being the first of your kind, you will definitely become a brand by yourself.

These are a few reasons why this start up could be so profitable and one of its kind. You would be helping politicians know their voter base and businesses know their customers while making good profit at the same time.