Fast food companies should label their food information chart.


Although some people may argue that Fast-food companies do not need to attach any label, containing the calorie and other information about the food, to their food, I think that it would be better if Fast-food companies label their food information on their food because many people eat Fast-food without knowing what they are consuming and how that foods are affecting their health


David wrote about this a couple of decades ago.

I agree with David Zinczenko where he argues that Fast-food companies should label their food information clearly. In “Don’t Blame the Eater – The New York Times,” Zinczenko argues that Fast-food companies don’t label their food information clearly and on customer’s request some Fast-food stores may give some information about their foods but that information is not very clear.

And people end up having a healthy lunch of 1040 calories, which is “half of the government’s recommended daily calorie intake” (Zinczenko). I think that Fast-food companies should take some responsibility to label their products with clear information so that people get the chance to see what they are eating. And only then people can decide clearly whether they want to eat Fast foods or not. For example, many teenagers eat Fast foods on a daily basis. I did not know that Fast foods can make us obese until my best friend became very obese, and now she has to workout daily twice to get rid of her obesity.

My best friend ate Fast foods everyday for 2 years and now she has several health problems. If she knew how much calorie she was taking daily by eating those Fast foods, I think that she would not eat that much Fast foods in 2 years. I think that as consumers we should be aware of what we are eating because without having the clear knowledge of the food we are eating, we are actually damaging our health. So, Fast-food companies should label their food information clearly.

Children would be more obese

I think that more children would be obese and angry due to their obesity, which is caused by Fast-foods. I agree with Zinczenko as he argues that “[w]ithout such warnings, we’ll see more sick, obese children and more angry, litigious parents.” I think that we should know everything about the food we are eating and without knowing the information it is hard to decide what food is good for us.

Some people may say that it is our responsibility to know what we are eating and how it is affecting our health, and I agree with them. But I also think that if Fast-food companies do not label their foods with food information, how we will know how they made the food and how healthy that food is for our health. So, I think that Fast-food companies should label their foods with proper information as without that information it is very hard to know what exactly we are eating and how much calories we are consuming.

Fat American children become diabetic very early

I agree with Zinczenko as he explains that children are getting diabetic due to their habit of eating Fast-foods. Zinczenko explains that “[b]efore 1994, diabetes in children was generally caused by a genetic disorder — only about 5 percent of childhood cases were obesity-related, or Type 2, diabetes. Today, according to the National Institutes of Health, Type 2 diabetes accounts for at least 30 percent of all new childhood cases of diabetes in this country.”

I think this kind of data related to children’s obesity and diabetes is really scary and both government and the Fast-food companies should take responsibility to protect children’s health by taking proper action. And it can only happen when government will ban Fast-food companies completely or make them write the food information on their foods to alert people about the food they are consuming. Some may say that if children do not eat fast foods, they will not suffer from any health disease. But I think we cannot force children to stop eating Fast-food as we also eat Fast-foods and without proper explanation it is really hard for anyone to persuade children to stop eating Fast-foods.


So, I believe that we do not have many alternatives to protect children from health disease caused by Fast-foods. The one and very effective way to protect our health and children’s health would be knowing the information about Fast-food we are eating. And for that Fast-food companies must label their food information on their foods.

So What’s the deal then?

I think we cannot really ban Fast-food companies as we really like to eat Fast-foods despite of knowing that they actually harm our body. But we can surely limit eating fast foods if we see the information about the food on the package of the food. So, I believe that Fast-food companies should label their food with information about the food.



Don’t Blame the Eater – The New York Times David Zinczenko, 11/23/2002