Health/Nutrition record app using speech recognition

Voice assistants or virtual assistants are the new sensation which has revolutionized trade, especially in the service sector. One of the greatest advantages of enabling voice assistants is their ability to provide personalization. These are highly intelligent software designed to adapt to your personal needs and preferences. This is why they are so widely used by different companies to provide various services, from giving directions and instructions to making appointments on your behalf or even taking orders for your favourite meals- voice assistants can do it all.

Additionally, voice assistants are professional and to the point, and have endless patience, which comes in handy when dealing with customers. Voice assistants or “chatbots” are increasingly becoming part of all industries, and the healthcare industry shouldn’t be left behind.


Startup idea:

Healthcare is something everyone requires from time to time. Those who are affected by chronic illnesses are in need of proper healthcare all year round. The idea here is to provide for them a voice assistant-enabled health and nutrition app in which they can keep track of the activities someone undertakes in order to keep himself healthy.

Patients and anyone who wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle would just have to speak into it and app would record and store that information. This includes nutrition and food habits, exercise records and medication information. This will help people keep track of their health and enable them to provide accurate information to physicians when they get themselves checked.

Here are some reasons why this could be a success:

  • It is impossible for health attendants to be constantly on call. An app would be much more accessible at any time of the day when someone needs to update information onto it.
  • This will help those who sign up for the service maintain a proper record of all their activities and health-related developments; they can also tell the app when they have minor issues such as sudden shortness of breath which aren’t immediately worrisome but could have certain health implications. They can take it up for discussion later with their doctors.
  • With a voice enabled healthcare service, the customers themselves can personalize the app to fit their own preferences and needs. This will uplift their user experience and make them feel more comfortable sharing their daily routines and exercises.
  • You can include a way through which patients with chronic illnesses can send weekly or monthly records of their activities to their physicians so that they do not have to go in unless required. This will save both, the patient as well as the doctor, a lot of time and effort.
  • For patients who suffer from diseases like hypertension or diabetes, which require constant attention and management, such an app would be the most beneficial.
  • You can have experts and doctors who will be present for one-on-one counseling and chatting sessions with the customers when they have certain doubts about their conditions or need help with something.

  • If, say, an issue arises where a patient needs assistance but it isn’t big enough for him to go to the nearest clinic or hospital, in the current scenario, they don’t really have a choice other than going to see a doctor anyway. This app would prevent that, as they can simply take advice from the chatting service you would provide on your app.
  • You can have training sessions where experts come in to give out some tips and pointers about how the customers can keep themselves fit and healthy.
  • Occasionally you can have specialists come in to have training sessions about how to keep fit if someone is suffering from a specific disease, such as a heart ailment or asthma.
  • You can provide various programs for customers to choose from, which will provide them a range of services such recording healthcare information, providing tips, counseling, etc.
  • Customers will be will be willing to pay you for availing this service, and you can have packages to provide your customers. You can provide paid health plans and expert services for which your customers have to pay. As your app gains a wider user base, you will attract many ads and sponsors, which will eventually become your biggest source of revenue.
  • Your target customers will be the whole general public, since everyone is in need of healthcare services at some point in their life or the other. Besides, your app will be quite an innovation and you have very little competition to face, so you can be assured that your app will be a success.

These are some reasons why we believe this startup idea is a good one. If marketed and managed properly, this app could be the next big thing in the market.