Knowledge Discovery for Doctors

With rapid advancements in technology, medical research and development has also been making large strides. Take, for example, an oncologist studying breast cancer in a patient. Seven years ago, while maybe she was a student or an understudy, there would only have been maybe two or three treatment options. Now there are literally dozens of them, not to mentions several other therapies just to soothe the patient under so much stress and pressure. Thus we can say that the medical scene has undergone a knowledge explosion since its integration with technology.

Bring tech to healthcare

The implementation of various data mining methods and data filing sets have enabled researchers and physicians to complete experiments and compile findings in maybe a year or two, something which earlier would have taken almost a decade. Furthermore, this rate of rapid invention and discovery keeps growing and becoming more and more efficient as more time passes. Therefore, it is essential for doctors and medical practitioners to keep up with these latest discovery and information, so that they can use them for their patients.


The startup idea is to create a website which will be a platform for doctors to come and look for any new findings in different fields such as drug trials, breakthrough researches in diseases, ongoing experiments, etc, so they can gather this information and use this in their practice for their patients.

Here is why we think this website could be successful:

  • Newly found and approved pharmaceuticals are quite expensive, so you will have a market for rich clients only, and those who are willing to try new drugs to get better. This makes for a good earning for doctors, and you can charge commission on it.
  • There are not very many such sites which facilitate doctors to find out about new developments in the field of medicine, so your competition will not be very high.
  • You have tie-ups with different forums which publish medical articles and get a notification any time something new is published, so that you can get it on your site too. The benefit of this is twofold: 1) Your site will always be updated with the latest discoveries and developments; 2) The authors of these papers will have yet another platform to display their work and may very well be willing to pay you for this, making them a source of revenue for you.
  • Your target customer base will be doctors and certified medical practitioners, who will use this to find out new therapies and treatments to use for their patients.
  • Whenever you are publishing articles and papers about new drugs that have been successfully tested, you can add a shopping link to it so that interested doctors and clients can make purchases from the company itself. If you attract enough clients this way, you could make good money from the commission the companies will pay you for making sales.
  • You could get experts to design a machine learning model, which, when implemented, will filter out all the data on your site and show the most relevant data to the right doctors.
  • Every doctor wants to be in touch with new and improved medications to help his or her patients recover as quickly as possible. You can facilitate doctors with just this: give them access to articles and research papers that are relevant to their field of work and even better, their specialization. For this you can use medical data mining methods and compile a model which you can implement on the preferences of those that visit your site.
  • You can provide your users with their own accounts where they can record their needs and preferences so that you can give them information that is most relevant to their fields of practice.
Attractive young female scientist and her senior male supervisor pipetting and microscoping in the life science research laboratory (biochemistry, genetics, forensics, microbiology..)
  • You can have a home page where they will be shown all the recent data that has been uploaded to your website, about any field, where they can choose to read whichever topic they want to.
  • Apart from that, you can have a special membership where members have special access to papers and can even upload their own findings on to the site. The main advantage of having a membership facility on your site is that you will be have a constant, periodical source of revenue, even if you don’t charge too much for your membership.
  • You can also have an option for members to contribute their thoughts, opinions and suggestions on any ongoing research, study or experiment that is being carried out.
  • Another strategy is to translate consensus clinical guidelines to standardized practice protocols with clinical decision support algorithms (e.g. sequences of yes/no decisions with specific test and treatment options), and only treatments and findings that are in congruence with these guidelines will be shown to the doctors, so they can be sure that they aren’t risking their patients’ lives by putting them on new medication.

Thus, you see that such a website is quite the need for doctors today. With new findings and research being done in every medical field imaginable, it gets difficult for doctors to keep up. Your website will bridge this gap and be incredibly beneficial to doctors and their clients. By adding links to the newly made and approved drugs, you could also make some money from the pharmaceutical companies. Thus you can see that this could be a profitable venture from the get-go, with doctors, their clients and pharmaceutical companies already a source of revenue for you.

As your website increases in size and influence, you will be able to attract advertisements and sponsors. Therefore, your website will not only be benefitting you as the developer, but it will also be helping millions of people worldwide.