The impact of social media on our relationship

social media

Many people use social media to communicate with friends and family, which is really convenient if someone’s friends and family live miles apart. Social media help us make our relationships stronger with friends, families, professors and co-workers.

But sometimes people overuse social media which causes a lot of problems in their relationships. However, social media have both positive and negative impact on our relationships, I believe that it has more positive impact on our relationships.

Connecting with near and dear ones online

A large number of people stay apart from their family for study or work purpose. I believe that online media make it easier for those people to communicate with their families. Sometimes when we travel to foreign countries, our phones do not work.

But with the help of internet and social media we can easily stay in touch with our families. Rose believes that social media has more positive impact so people should just ignore the negative effect of social media (379).

Rose mentions that he enjoys social media and he talks to his son through social media (377). I use online media a lot to talk to my parents as I stay very far from them. However, I do not suffer from any negative thoughts or jealousness, rather I enjoy using social media. I can see my parents anytime and I can talk to my friends any time I want which keep my friendships strong.

Positive impact of social media

Social media have more positive impact in the field of education too. Some people add their classmate on Facebook and they communicate through Facebook to help each other in studies. According to Stefanica “Social network postings, instant messaging, and Tweets allow educators to reach out to students beyond the classroom”. Thus, social media build a strong connection between professors and students. Many colleges and universities have their own Facebook page where they post important news about the college and following those pages on Facebook allow students to get up to date information. So, there are several positive effects on relationship.

social media

Negative Impact of social media

However, some people may argue that there are negative impacts as well. We need to realize and analyze why there are negative impacts. How it is affecting people’s life and relationship negatively without blaming it first. Craig Malkin, a Belmont-based clinical psychologist, argues that it has more negative impacts on our life (Shea 382).

According to Malkin’s studies, one in three respondents felt more dissatisfied with their own lives after spending time on Facebook (Shea 382). Some people overuse Facebook for which they suffer from many negative feelings like jealousness, depression, etc. But I believe that the negative and positive impact really depends on how someone is using social media.

Real life examples

I have seen many people are unsatisfied with their lives even though they have everything good in their life. They always compare themselves with others online and in real life. This leads to depression, anxiety, jealousness and other mental issues. For example, social media does never have any negative impact on me because I do not get swayed by the posts. But it does have negative impact on some of my friends. Because those people always compare themselves with others both on social media and in real life. And thus, social media affects their relationships very badly.

One of my friend broke off her engagement when she found out that her fiancé has many female friends on his Facebook profile. They argued over the topic for several times and in the end, they broke off the engagement. Some people in my locality blame Facebook for this kind of incidents. But I strongly disagree with them. I think that my friend and her fiancé were never compatible with each other and that is why they broke off the engagement.


Firstly, we add many unknown male and female friends to our Facebook profiles but mostly we never talk to many of them. So, getting jealous after viewing someone’s Facebook friend list is really childish and meaningless to me.

Secondly, a person can have both male and female friends and there is nothing wrong in that as long as they are only friends and not more than that. So, my friend should have realized this and she should have talked to her fiancé frankly about her opinion. I am sure that if they would have acted like mature people, things would have been different. I think that people should learn how and when to use it, only then it will not have any negative effect on life.


फेसबुक के ग्रुप्स में कैसे ब्रैनवॉश होता है (How Facebook groups breed polarization)

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