Is event based blogging history now?

event blogging

Event based blogging, also called Event Niche Blogging is a blog created keeping in mind a single day, event, or program. It is done to receive a huge amount of traffic in a short span of time.

For example, a New Year blog created, say, on 20th December. Around this time, terms related to new years’, such as “New Year party ideas”, “New Years’ gift ideas for family” get searched millions and billions of times. When these words go through Google or other search engines, the results show up in ranking of most visited websites/blogs. By employing search engine optimization, one can get their page to the top of the list of pages Google and other search engines show the user. This creates a lot of user influx in a short span of time: we’re talking millions in a single day. This is the working principle behind event blogging.

growing population

Popularity of event blogging

The popularity of blogging, in general, has declined quite a lot over the last few years. The internet has a constantly changing scene and there’s always different trends coming up, changing the way people use and see things. Blogging has been affected by this as well. It is necessary to see here that trends that arise aren’t always lasting, i.e., some do well and some die out.

Could this apply to event niche blogging? It could, but again, it is subjective in nature. People there days don’t really want to open their phones or laptops and have to read an essay about a topic, they want short and crisp content. That is the reason why microblogging is so much on the rise. It is much easier to learn about something in under 180 words, because long articles require some time, which most might not be able to take out of their day.

Even in a younger population, youths do not have the patience to read long essays about something, they need quick facts. Therefore, blogging as we know it could be declining, but that doesn’t mean it is dying. The internet is a dynamic forum and you need to constantly be updated in order to remain relevant. Event niche blogging is no exception.


News channels are killing it

One of the biggest competitors to event-niche blogging is the advent of news channels online. As the internet is grows and reaches such a large amount of people, news channels are utilizing their websites to get a bigger hold on their audience. They release online newsletters, hire bloggers to maintains blogs on several specific topics and expand their influence this way. The emergence of news channels online could prove a big disadvantage to bloggers, because these channels are essentially corporate who can use a lot of resources to boost their page views and user traffic, leaving the economic methods used by bloggers far behind.

Event niche blogging is a way to make some quick money because by creating a blog of topical interest you can guarantee that there will be a lot of page visits. This guarantee is what brings the pages sponsorships and ads, thus allowing them to make money. However, with new channels taking over the blogging scene with their articles about upcoming events, celebrity weddings, sports tournaments, etc, they are giving tough competition to blogs which struggle to maintain their audience in the face of it. Users prefer news channels because they are quick and to the point in reporting, and this gives them an edge over traditional, article-based blogging. However, it could be game changer for the bloggers if they were to move towards a more integrated approach of content presentation, such as uploading multimedia content, writing short and crisp articles or catering to the preferences of users as relevant to the content of their blogs.