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The Indian government is constantly working for the welfare of the country. India itself is a welfare nation; therefore there are always different bills introduced and laws passed to help different sections of the society. It is, however, not always possible for people to keep track of the bills introduced and Acts and laws that are passed.

It is a similar case for government job announcements, where not everyone can always keep track of what positions of employment have opened up and which departments are recruiting officials. Even gazettes, newsletters, videos and e-reports published by the Information and Broadcasting ministry can sometimes get lost among the myriad of stuff that is published daily, and reduce its potential to reach across to the public.

Make government related documents available for everyone

It is therefore necessary for a platform that brings together all of the aforementioned information systematically, and make it easy for the general public to have proper access to it.

This is essentially what this startup idea is about- a site that houses all the new information published by the government for the public.

Here is why it would be a great success:

  1. There are currently no sites providing such a service to the public, which would make yours one of a kind, essentially eliminating all competition. Such a site is the need of the hour, and a potential audience of millions of people would want to use it.
  2. Government sector jobs provide a lot of benefits and, most importantly, job security, therefore, a majority of the employable population of India is looking for government sector employment. You site would be a hot attraction for them, and you would attract a lot of traffic, subsequently.
  3. There are many different departments in the government, each with their own dedicated site that produces journals, newsletters and notifications. It is virtually impossible to for an individual to keep track of all this. Your startup would bring together all this information and would be a one stop solution for all users. It would save time, be informative and efficient for all your users.

  1. Additionally, you can have a subscribe option for your users so that you can notify them by mail about new information that comes up, and build a loyal user base.
  2. Your users would not only be people who are interested in government employment, but also those who stand to benefit from the different acts and bills passed by the government- which is basically the whole of the country.
  3. Here’s how: There are so many provisions and government aids for farmers, for example, which they are simply not aware of. Your site would give them just that. It is impossible to expect all farmers to use your site but the number of those who benefit from it would be larger than those who actually use it. Information can travel by word of mouth, so you can expect a large area to be covered merely if a relatively small number of farmers with competent skills start using your website.
  4. The site will not only benefit the urban population, but the rural population as well. This is because the government has ensured setting up of computers with Internet access in all major rural areas and through those, many villages will directly be able to know about what Programs, Acts and Provisions the government has for them. They can govern themselves more efficiently; it will lead to more power to the people, thus eliminating the need for middlemen.
  5. Such a site could potentially be one of the biggest sites in the country, since it caters to the need of a whole nation. You will therefore gain a massive following, which will ultimately bring you a lot of sponsors and advertisements. It will not only benefit the people, it will also be economically very feasible. You can charge a meager amount per month to your subscribers, if you want, but we predict that your major source of revenue would be from the advertisers and sponsors who would flock to your for advertising space on your page.

  1. As one of the biggest sites, you can wield considerable influence on your audience.
  2. You can have different links to different pages that offer more in-depth information, and contact other sites which would want to link their users to you. Thus you can monetize your startup even more, since both incoming and outgoing links from your page would mean more users, which would in turn lead to more advertising opportunities.
  3. Your target audience would probably have one of the biggest ranges, since it covers basically anyone who stands to benefit by government notices, circulars, information, newsletters, etc.

These are some of the reasons and ways by which such a startup would be roaring success. Apart from being a great monetization opportunity, your site would help millions of people make better and more informed choices. You would essentially be empowering people by letting them know what their government entitles them to. It is, therefore, a great idea for a startup and a path for sure success.



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