An app that will suggest alternative medicines based on the symptoms you have

As prices keep rising, the fees that doctors charge for their services keep rising as well. Affording some time with a doctor for every little allergy or ailment that comes up isn’t really a luxury that everyone can afford. Additionally, it is also not possible to book appointments with a doctor at short notice, since most good doctors remain all booked for months in advance. Therefore, when something such as a seasonal fever or a flue comes up, many decide to treat themselves at home.

Self treatment is well and good, but only if you have some fundamental knowledge about medicines. This, however, isn’t the case with a majority of people. They mostly depend on over the counter drugs that are available without prescription; but sometimes these may not be very effective or may even prove counter-productive at times. Therefore, people are in need of some sort of guidance in order to successfully treat themselves at home.

Bring tech to healthcare

The idea for this startup is basically that this app suggests alternative forms of treatment, such as ayurved and homeopathy, as opposed to the conventional allopathic medicine or antibiotics that doctors would suggest.

Internet drug store concept doctor holding prescription medicine through a laptop screen

Some features you could include in this app are:

  • You can have remedies under different categories such as allergies, flu, illnesses, aches and pains. This will facilitate for better navigability and help your users find what they need, faster.
  • You can have your users list their preferences, such as if they would like to opt for homeopathic medicine suggestions or home remedies, or if they want some specific type of suggestion for treatment.
  • You must have your users fill out form where they enter details and if they are allergic to any substance. As both, home remedies and ayurved use ingredients that are commonly available in the market (turmeric, tulsi, medicinal herbs, etc), you must set up a system to filter out suggestions which may have ingredients that a user is allergic to.
  • You can facilitate your users to save their details and medicine suggestions on an account they create with you, for easy future reference.
  • You can have an option for them to print out their suggestions so your users can easily get the required medicines from a pharmacist.
  • You can have experts and guest doctors on your app available from time to time to chat with users and advise them on any doubts they may be having, regarding their medication and health, in general.
  • You can have regular tip updates on your app on how to keep yourself safe from seasonal illnesses. For example, you can add updates on how people can protect themselves from the risk of malaria while going out in the rainy season, or how to protect themselves against sun strokes and sunburns caused by the summer heat.
  • You can also have a section where people can enter home remedies they know which can treat certain diseases. This will help you increase the inventory of knowledge you have, and you can use these suggestions to give recommendations to customers next.
  • The working mechanism would be simple: users will enter the signs and symptoms they are facing on what is wrong, and the app will diagnose the cause and suggest medication.
  • You could also add a section users can upload pictures of more physical ailments such as skin rashes or lesions, which will make it easier for the app to identify what is wrong and what medicines to suggest.
  • If someone feels dubious about the suggestions they received, they should have the option of contacting a doctor.
  • Such an app would be very helpful to a huge portion of the society. With time, your app will become quite popular and you will attract a large number of advertisers and sponsors.

  • You can also offer home delivery of homeopathic medicines and certain rare ayurvedic ingredients that aren’t easily available.
  • As your user base grows in size, you will also receive sponsorship from different pharmaceutical companies looking to advertise their products. These will be your source of revenue.

As of now, there aren’t very many apps that provide such a service. Your app would be new, and free of competition. This itself will have an element of surprise and attract a lot of curious customers. You will also be glad to know that a huge portion of the people out there prefers to get medicines from pharmacists than visit the doctor unless it’s something big and concerning.

Your app would be catering directly to their mindset. Therefore, if you can market it right, you’re looking at a startup that will go on to become a huge success.