How to create startup in ‘Career Counseling’

With new employment possibilities and professional courses emerging almost every day, it becomes very difficult for freshly passed out class 12th students to figure out what to do next, and sometimes they end up making the conventional and “comfortable” choice by going for the same old courses, without getting to properly explore other options. This where career counseling comes in. You might think that there are already enough counseling centers for students, or that they would prefer getting counseling from maybe parents and relatives, but there is a lot of scope for you to grow in this field. Students are always looking for updated sources on potential career opportunities, for which they will definitely turn to the internet, and this is why a startup in career counseling is such a good idea.

Why a start up?

One reason: there’s a 100 crore-big market out there looking for good, competent career counseling. There will never come a time when your services become obsolete. Depending on what you want to offer to students, there is a huge range of facilities you can offer on your site. Here are some suggestions:

  • Right around the time of the boards, maybe two or three months before, you can offer pointers on how to perform better in the boards, and maybe put up links to other sites that have video tutorials for different subjects. This is bound to increase your page traffic and in turn, your ad revenue.
  • You can also publish score cut-offs for different colleges and courses so that students who visit get a clear idea of how hard they have to work in order to get into colleges of their choice.
  • You can have score predictors based on questionnaires that students have to answer.
  • You can have students fill out forms where they mention their preferred area, college type, course, etc. and match them with what colleges would suit the best for them.
  • This is probably the most important feature you need to add on your site: Updated date. We don’t just mean stuff like applications out from different colleges, or admission dates. You have to have updated data on job opportunities and new employment areas that are fast emerging. For example, five or ten years ago, working in an online sales company wasn’t very lucrative and was quite new, but now it is a fast growing sector and offers one of the best jobs on the market. You need to be able to inform the students about such new jo0b opportunities turning up in the market. They need to be aware of what they could pursue apart from conventional streams and careers.
  • You can also include tips about some specific criteria that colleges require for admitting students.
  • You can also include information about different internationally accepted tests such as TOEFL and IELTS that will help students get into colleges outside the country.
  • You can have online chat provisions where students discuss about potential careers/colleges with experts and student counselors.
  • You can also have a state-wise feature for students belonging to different states, about colleges in their respective states and towns.

These features are sure to make your startup a big hit with students and set you on a path to sure success.

How long will it take to set this up?

The answer to this really depends on your commitment and on how big your team is. There are many aspects to develop for a site and many site metrics to run for your site- from site layout to security, and it could require from anywhere near 6 months to about two years. You also need to conduct thorough research about the information you’re going to provide on your site, and that could take quite some time. But we can guarantee you this that however long it takes, it’ll be worth it.



There are few competitors out there but most of them started very recently. That gives two indications; a) this is an important area, b) there is still a lot of opportunity.