Startup Idea: How to open a school in India

Any startup business requires a lot of planning and thinking. We always calculate the risk and the benefit before starting any business. And it is always good to anticipate the benefit and loss prior to taking any huge risk. So, it is better to start with a small startup idea which would not cause a huge loss. For the beginners it is always good to start with a small business.

From the small businesses people do not get a lot of income but if the business runs well you will get a steady money which you can save for a later investment. There are thousands of small businesses that one can open and one of them is school business.

Is opening a school difficult?

Many people think of opening a school at times. But people do not often try to open a school due to many reasons including lack of proper knowledge. Opening a school seems very difficult to many people as there are so many requirements we need to fulfill before opening a school. If you want to open a government funded school, it may take you years to get proper authorization from the government and build the school building. But if you want to open a private school it is relatively easier. You only need to have a reasonable amount of funding for the school.

As it would be a private school, you single-handedly would have to pay for the electricity fees and other fees of the school. So, you can also collaborate with other people in opening the school and you can share the income among yourselves.

Potential Expenses

  • Land & Site Development
  • Building Cost
  • Furniture & Fixtures
  • Electrical Items
  • Interest on Loans if any

Bringing Potential Customers

There are thousand ways to attract students in your school. But one would be if you charge a reasonable amount of fees from the students to get more students in the beginning. It is often a very good idea to open a play school in city as many parents are working parents which means kids do not get a lot of opportunity to learn from their parents, but you can fulfill this gap by providing a school where kids can get care and learning opportunity from knowledgeable and caring people who will not only teach kids but also provide a friendly environment for them.

Earning potential

You must be wondering how much you can earn from this kind of play school, the answer is between 50,000 to 100,000 minimum per month which is a good income as the investment is very low for opening this kind of school. You only need to hire a caretaker who can observe the kids and one teacher who can teach the kids with fun games. You can pay a nominal amount of 8,000-10,000 to the teacher and the care taker.

You do not need to build a building for your school. You can easily rent an apartment for opening this kind of school which saves a lot of money. And you can easily charge 300-400 from each student for 3 hours. You can charge more if you get kids who are willing to stay in your play school for more than 4 hours in a day.

The potential for opening this kind of play school is huge as we do not need to put a lot of money at stake and even if you do not get successful in the beginning you will not lose a lot money. So, it is a good startup business plan for those who wants to open a business in a city and do not want to invest a lot of money.



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